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Golden Globe 2019 - Full list of winners

 Golden Globe 2019_ Full list of winners


Best drum :

**Rachmond Bohemia

Other candidates :

*The star was born

*"If Billy the street can speak,"

*black Tiger



Best comedy or music :

**Green book

Other candidates :

*Mary Poppins returned

*Crazy romantic asian




Best Actor, Drama

**Rami Malek - Rohamesi Bohemia

Other candidates:

*Bradley Cooper - "Born Star"

*Willem Duff - at the gates of eternity

*John David Washington - "BlacKkKlansman"

*Lucas Hedges - "The Son of Eternity"


Best Supporting Actress

**Close Glenn - Wife

Other candidates:

*Lady Gaga - "Born Star"

*Melissa McCarthy - Can you always forgive me?

*Nicole Kidman - Destroyer

*Paris Razamond - "Private War"


Best actress, comedy or music

**Christine Bailey - deputy

Other candidates:

*Lynn Manuel Miranda - "Mary Poppins Returns"

*Wake Mortenson - Green Book

*Robert Redford - "Old Man and Gun"

*John C. Rayleigh - Stan and Olly


Best actress, comedy or music

**Olivia Coleman - "Favorite"

Other candidates:

*Emily Blunt - "Mary Poppins Returns"

*Constance Wu - "Crazy Richard Arian"

*Elsie Fisher - "Eighth Degree"

*Charlize Theron - Toully


Best Director

**Alfonso Cuaron - Rome

Other candidates:

*Bradley Cooper - "Born Star"

*Peter Farley - The Green Book

*Spike Lee - "BlacKkKlansman"

*Adam McKay - deputy


Best Supporting Actress

**Mrs. Ali - "Green Book"

Other candidates:

*Timothee Chalamet - "Beautiful Boy"

*Adam-driver - "BlacKkKlansman"

*Richard E Grant - "Can you always forgive me?"

*Sam Rockwell - deputy


Best Supporting Actress

**Regina King - "If Billy the Street Can Speak"

Other candidates:

*Amy Adams - deputy

*Claire Foy - "The First Man"

*But the stone - "favorite"

*Rachel Wiese - "Favorite"


Best Motion Picture

**Spider-Man: Spider-Man Spider-Man

Other candidates:

*Amazing 2

*Island of dogs

*Ralph breaks the internet



Best Foreign Film

**Rome - Mexico


Other candidates:

*Capernaum - Lebanon

*"Girl" - Belgium

*"Never Look" - Germany

*Shoplifters - Japan


Best Original Song

**Shallow - "Star is Born"

Other candidates:

*All Stars - Black Punch

*Girl In The Movies - Dumplin '

*Reiki For Private War - Private War

*Revelation - "the Son of Eternity"



Best television series

**Americans - FX

Other candidates:

*Personal Protector - Netflix

*Homecoming - First Amazon

*Night Desert - BBC America

*Appearance - FX


Comedy Comedy / Music Series

**Chomsky - Netflix method

Other candidates:

*Berry - HBO

*Good place - NBC

*Kidding - Showtime

  • The Marvellous Mrs Maisel



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